Product Highlight: AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic-Blend Robot Grease

September 7, 2023


The global supply chain for lubrication products has been disrupted, adding to the challenges maintenance technicians face maintaining equipment and keeping it running reliably. Being able to reliably source robot grease to keep your manufacturing line operational requires a strong inventory management plan, now more than ever.

Additionally, purchasing grease from foreign manufacturers requires extended lead times and often advanced orders must be placed more than six months in advance. Sometimes it feels like your only choice is purchasing grease directly from equipment manufacturers.

These supply-chain problems are compounded by the labor shortages that limit your ability to research better options or change products.


AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic-Blend Robot Grease solves all these problems, and more. It is formulated with a high percentage of synthetic base oils that improve its overall service life, so you don’t need to grease as often. It also offers superior pumpability, making grease exchanges quick, painless and highly effective. A wide operating temperature range helps the grease resist breaking down under extreme heat and remain fluid in freezing temperatures.

AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic-Blend Robot Grease meets or exceeds original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards for robot RV reducer grease and is fully compatible with your existing manufacturer-recommended grease. Additionally, it is manufactured right here in the USA, which could resolve your sourcing and supply-chain issues by consolidating to a single domestic lubricant supplier.

AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic-Blend Robot Grease is a lithium soap-based grease formulated to prolong equipment life and maximize production uptime. It is specifically engineered to replace manufacturer-recommended greases in robot RV reducers, especially in operations subjected to extended production runs. Let’s take a look at some of the features:

Excellent Wear Resistance

AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic-Blend Robot Grease fights friction, helping to reduce operating temperatures and power consumption. It quickly reaches critical lubrication points and remains in place to minimize metal-to-metal contact and promote long gearbox life.

Oxidation and Corrosion Resistance

AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic-Blend Robot Grease features excellent oxidation resistance to withstand high operating temperatures without hardening. It also protects surfaces against corrosion, even when contaminated with water.


AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic-Blend Robot Grease is suitable for RV reducer joints on large, multi-axis robots used in automotive and other manufacturing industries and is an excellent replacement for manufacturer-specified industrial robot greases.

Product Benefits

High percentage of synthetic base oil for improved life.

• Excellent pumpability for exchanges.

• Fully compatible with manufacturer-recommended grease.

• Wide operating temperature range.

Getting Started

AMSOIL Industrial Certified Lubrication Specialists are dedicated to helping you identify ways to extend equipment life, reduce downtime and improve productivity in your manufacturing operations. To learn more about AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic-Blend Robot Grease, download product specifications or contact a certified lubrication specialist today.