AMSOIL INC. Renews APQP4Wind Certification

AMSOIL renews APQP4WIND certification in 2022.

March 8, 2022

AMSOIL INC. has renewed its APQP4Wind certification. APQP4Wind is a non-profit organization founded by the world’s leading wind-turbine manufacturers and suppliers. Its mission is to standardize and simplify processes that ensure product quality across the wind industry. The organization facilitates and strengthens relationships between manufacturers and suppliers to increase efficiency.

“We’re excited to continue our relationship with APQP4Wind,” said Vice President, AMSOIL Wind and Industrial Business Dave Meyer. “Our certification demonstrates the quality of our products for wind assets. It offers additional assurance to our wind customers that they’re getting the best possible lubricants for their equipment.”

AMSOIL was the world’s first lubricant supplier to earn APQP4Wind certification, in 2021. Today, it is one of just two lubricant suppliers to have earned the designation.

When AMSOIL INC. entered the wind industry in 2005, wind-asset managers were struggling to find a wind-turbine gearbox lubricant capable of delivering superior protection without requiring frequent and expensive oil changes. Many asset managers could expect a high percentage of their gearboxes to fail within the first 10 years of a 20-year design life, driving up operating costs.

AMSOIL developed an innovative synthetic gearbox lubricant that delivers superior protection and significantly longer service life in the demanding conditions in which turbines operate. It has a proven record of more than 10 years of continuous run time with no additive top offs, which helps turbine gearboxes last as designed, or longer, reducing maintenance and costs. AMSOIL also formulates hydraulic oil, grease and other products for the wind industry.

Today, AMSOIL is the industry’s preeminent lubricant supplier, with nearly half the wind turbines in the U.S. using AMSOIL products and global shares rising steadily in China, India, Brazil and Europe. AMSOIL also has more original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals than most other lubricant manufacturers, and many operators now specifically require use of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in their wind assets.

“Our APQP4Wind membership will continue to help us develop world-class lubricants and value-added services for the wind-energy market,” said Meyer. “Wind energy is a vital part of our business, and we’re committed to continued innovation in the renewable-energy market.”


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